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A construction made according to the highest standards. It benefits from excellent comfort, and maintenance costs are reduced thanks to the use of the best quality materials.

The resistance structure of the building will be of reinforced concrete slab type, class C35/45 with vertical elements in the form of pillars and reinforced concrete slats and reinforced concrete walls. The superstructure is made as follows:
    • walls - 30-40 cm thick, and the core - 60 cm
    • beams - sizes of 30 x 75 cm and 40 x 65 cm
    • poles - dimensions of 70 x 70 cm
    • boards - thickness of 20 - 25 cm
The infrastructure    is created as follows:
    • foundation system - The foundations are made up of reinforced concrete screed with a thickness of 1.20 m and a flaring of 1.20 m, placed on a C8/10 levelling concrete layer with a thickness of 10 cm resting on rigid concrete inclusions with diameter of 400 mm, having a length of 7.60 m, by means of a transfer cushion
    • reinforced concrete perimeter parapets - 30 cm thick
    • interior basement walls - 40 cm thick
    • reinforced concrete pillars - 70 x 70cm
    • slab over the basement, respectively elevation ±0.00 – Floor beams solution, 25 cm thick
    • the beams from the basement, respectively ±0.00 elevation – 20 x 50 cm, 30 x 75 cm and 70 x 152 – jump beam

Building envelope

  • A thermal insulation with 10 cm thick expanded polystyrene has been provided, it includes putty board reinforced with mesh, mechanical fixing with dowels and finished with decorative plaster;
  • glazed closures with PVC carpentry with thermal glass, exterior carpentry colour anthracite Gray

The roof va fi de tip terasa circulabila ocazional pentru intretinerea acesteia, se va izola cu polistiren de inalta densitate si se vor aplica toate straturile de hidroizolatie formata din membrana bituminoasa prevazute in sectiunile din partea desenata.

The external closures (external walls) are made of BCA with a thickness of 20cm, thermally insulated with expanded polystyrene of 10cm, with the total thickness of the finishes of 36cm. For the proposed thermos-system , strips of 30-60 cm high with a thickness of 10 cm made of non-combustible basalt wool are provided at each level, having the role of separating the polystyrene from the facade as well as stopping the spread of fire on it.
The internal closures (internal walls) are made as follows:
  • The dividing walls between the apartments and the floor hall are made of 20 - 30 cm BCA, and the total thickness with finishes is 25 - 35 cm;
  • The dividing walls inside the apartments are made of 10 cm BCA, and the total thickness including plaster is 15 cm;
  • In the bathrooms, moisture-resistant plasterboard closures were provided for the installation niches.


  • Brand: Salamander Brugmann 73
  • Thickness: 73 mm (5 chambers)
  • Colour: white inside, anthracite Gray outside
  • Roto hardware
  • Three-pane glass, Low-e, Four Seasons.

Electrical installations

The electricity receivers for the building - metering will be mounted outside the building.
The electrical connection will be made according to the solution study, the design and consultancy department or by a company authorized by it.

Low voltage installations have the following characteristics:
  • low voltage - 400 V
  • frequency – 50 Hz
  • neutral mode – TN-S
The panel of vital receivers will be equipped with a source inverter (AAR) with electrical and mechanical interlocking, so that it can be fed once from the TE-UC common spaces panel, before the general switch, and a second supply from the intervention generator group.
The generating set is required by the regulations in force and will feed the vital receiver panel in emergency mode, according to the general distribution scheme.
The cables used to make the electrical installations inside the apartments are defined as follows:
  • for sockets – fy 2.5 mm copper
  • lighting – fy 1.5 mm copper

The positions of the TV sockets were established in the rooms where the activity also requires watching TV programs.
The intercom system consists of a central intercom unit mounted in the hall at the entrance to the building, an external intercom unit, an internal unit for each apartment.
The installation height of the intercom sockets (IF) is 1.5 m, measured from the level of the finished floor to the axis of the socket.

Preparation of the thermal agent
The thermal energy supply is provided from its own sources, which ensure the independence in operation of each apartment, respectively a micro-condensing heating system installed in each apartment.

The proposed heating system will be a micro-condensing heating system with priority DHW preparation regime. The micro-condensing heating system will be equipped with a coaxial air intake/flue gas exhaust kit.

The thermal power plants will be installed in such a way as to comply with ISCIR norms.
The heating of the building will be done with the help of radiators supplied with thermal agent from each apartment's own central station.

To balance the installation, each radiator will be equipped with a flow and return valve. The radiators will be made of steel, panel type.

The radiators will be equipped with valves with automatic flow limitation to balance the installation.

The distribution pipes will be mounted on the shortest routes between the preparation source and the heating bodies, and near the connection points, to the heating bodies, they will be mounted in vertical slits made in the walls. In this way, both the protection and the masking of the distribution piping are ensured.

The pipes buried in the screed are installed through the axis of the door openings, so that there is a general rule, in order to protect the pipes during the execution period and later exploitation.

The connection of the heating bodies to the thermal agent is made by means of a closing corner valve - for the flow pipes and a return corner valve (the so-called holder) - for the return pipe.

The installation of return valves (holders) is mandatory, being imposed by the needs of hydraulic balancing of the system. All pipes will be insulated with heat-insulating tubes.

The provided radiators are delivered together with the mounting brackets. The installation of the radiators will be done on consoles fixed with dowels in the wall, in the positions indicated in the drawn part.

Mechanical ventilation installations

The evacuation of the stale air from the bathrooms is done by means of extraction fans, one for each bathroom or sanitary group separately. This fan will be connected directly to one of the ventilation columns according to the drawn parts.

In order to avoid the penetration of air from one level to another, through the collector channel, the fans will be provided with flaps with automatic closing. At their upper part, end pieces will be provided to prevent the penetration of meteoric waters.


The connection to the public network will be made through a PEHD pipe connection with a nominal diameter of 110mm.

Internal cold-water installation for household consumption

The possibility of connecting a washing machine to the cold-water network and domestic sewerage was provided, which was taken into account when sizing the sanitary installations.

Also, no apartment has bathrooms equipped with sanitary items, but only sanitary routes for sinks, bathtubs and toilets, according to the architectural theme.

The metering of cold-water consumption will be done by installing water meters in the specially designed pipes, one for each apartment.

Internal hot water installation for household consumption

The preparation of hot water for the consumers belonging to the building will be done by means of wall-mounted micro-centrals with a priority DHW preparation regime (equipped with plate heat exchangers).

Lifts (elevators)

2 elevators will be installed in each block, the number of their stations varying depending on the destination of the basement (eg: T5 having ALA at S2, the elevator will have a station only at S1 and not at S2).

Entrance door:

  • Metal door;
  • Brand: Nursen Impex – Rustic Laminox;
  • Basalt wool insulation;
  • KALE locks;
  • Size (including door frame): 200 x 88 cm;
  • Colour: white on the inside, wood imitation on the outside.

Interior doors:

  • Laminated MDF cellular doors;
  • Brand: Ideea Doors;
  • Colour: white

Sanitary items

  • Toilet bowl: Ideal Standard – Tempo, suspended with built-in tank, white color;
  • WC frame and Actuation Flap: Ideal Standard – ProSys, flap color: chrome;
  • Washbasin: Ideal Standard - Connect, Cube model, 60 cm, white color;
  • Bathtub: Ideal Standard – Simplicity, 170 x 70 cm, white color;
  • Shower channel (only for apartments with 2 or 3 bedrooms): Wirquin Pro Extra Flat, 50 mm, anti-odor membrane
  • Faucets: Ideal Standard – Cerafine O, chrome color.

The floors inside the apartments are of two types:

  • covered with KAI by Marazzi porcelain tiles with a size of 45×45 cm in bathrooms and kitchens;
  • AGT Natura Line laminate flooring, class 32, 8 mm thick, installed in hallways, living room and bedrooms.

Delivery of the apartment

Fully finished delivered apartments mean that they include the following:

    • Peretii interiori pe care se aplica tencuiala mecanizata de var-ciment/ipsos, glet; vopsea lavabila alba pe pereti si tavane;
    • White sockets and switches, installed in all rooms;
    • TV and internet sockets, installed both in the living room and in the bedrooms;
    • Radiators and central heating system;
    • The air conditioning routes installed and prepared for the installation of the A.C. device;
    • Fully equipped electrical panel;
    • Metal entrance door;
    • Sanitary facilities: WC, bathtub, sink, sink faucet and shower/bathtub faucet;
    • Ceramic tiles in bathrooms and kitchens;
    • Parquet in the hallways, living room and bedrooms;
    • Interior doors.

The images and furnishing suggestions presented are for information purposes. The project may undergo changes without engaging the contractual liability of the developer.

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